Afternoon in Abney Park Cemetery: Tea, Cake & Audio Walks

Abney Park cemetery offers a variety of guided walks throughout the year that are hosted by the Abney Park Trust, as well as local historians. In addition to these in-person guided walks, PhD researcher and cemetery historian Romany Reagan has written four audio walks through Abney Park that are available to be taken independently as part of her PhD project ‘Abney Rambles’. As opposed to traditional historical audio tours, these audio walks are artistic interactions with a selection of aspects of Abney Park cemetery presented as provocations to peek through different doors of perception to the various meanings the cemetery embodies.

We invite you to join Romany in the cemetery for an afternoon to take one (or all!) of these audio walks. Romany will be in the classroom from 1-4pm, just to the right when you enter the main Egyptian gates entrance from Stoke Newington High Street. She’ll be on hand to offer map routes for the various audio walks and answer any questions you may have. There will also be tea and cake to anyone who would like to stop by after they’ve taken the walks have a chat about both the audio and guided walks available in Abney Park.

As custodians of this wonderful Victorian garden cemetery, we’ve had many discussions regarding the walks that we offer. What do visitors to Abney Park think of our walks – both live-guided and audio? What would visitors like to see more of? What does the cemetery and nature reserve park mean to the local community, and how can we serve our community better? So, we would like to open our doors to that discussion – over tea and cake, of course!

This event is free and you can drop in anytime. Please do register though so we have an idea of how much cake we need!

All four audio walks are available to download for free on, further information about Abney Park Cemetery and upcoming live-guided walks are available on the Trust website:

Audio walk synopses:

Woodland Networks: This audio walk is part tour of some of the veteran tree specimens in Abney Park Cemetery, but also part exploration of the unseen nonhuman networks at play in this ancient and diverse nature preserve.

Love, Wrath, Death, Lions: An actor portrayal audio play of the life story of Frank and Susannah Bostock, a famous travelling circus and menagerie couple, buried in Abney Park Cemetery. Frank was a famous lion tamer and the Bostocks were part of the founding members of Dreamland Amusement Park, Coney Island, New York. This walk is a love story, but not a simple one.

Thoughts on Mourning: A meditation on modern versus Victorian mourning practices as a discussion on ‘death postivity’, interweaving quotes from then and now, with stories, the walk is set to the music of The Black Heart Procession.

Woodland Magick: A dark allegorical tale of what lies behind the uncanny mystery that envelops Stoke Newington – and lies beneath Abney Park Cemetery…

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