Audio Walk: Abney Rambles – Woodland Magick

Audio Download Link: Woodland Magick

For this walk, enter Abney Park Cemetery from the wrought-iron gates entrance on Stoke Newington Church Street.

This walk is a dark allegorical tale of what lies behind the uncanny mystery that envelops Stoke Newington – and lies beneath Abney Park Cemetery…

Photo by Michał Huniewicz  

5 thoughts on “Audio Walk: Abney Rambles – Woodland Magick”

  1. Just beautiful: the rhythm of the voice is almost musical and evoke and conjure up feelings of what has past us and what lays hidden. It is magical as a guide to walking through these ancient paths and cemeteries, I can imagine plugging in to my headphones and taking these walks accompanied by this voice and all that it tells me. But more than that, it transports me to another time and stirs my imagination, reminding me of those who have walked these steps before me and imagining their thoughts and feelings. The atmosphere in this audio tape is powerful.


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