Hello, and welcome to Blackthorn & Stone…

This website marks a shift in my research focus from cemetery heritage into the realm of folklore, legends, myths, and lost histories of the British Isles. The seed for my fascination with site-based folklore and legends began with my research into the otherworldly aspects of Stoke Newington, London, that I researched for my PhD thesis on Abney Park cemetery. I dipped my toe into the world of ancient Celtic legends and animistic folklore to write my own dark tale ‘Woodland Magick’ about the buried Hackney Brook river that makes up the northern boundary of Abney Park cemetery (available on my ‘Audio Walks’ page). I then further expanded my folklore research into the realm of moonlore for my audio walk ‘They Walked in Moonlight’ through St George’s Gardens, which I wrote for the 2019 Bloomsbury Festival.

I feel an October launch date is more than fitting for the start of this beloved pet project. Over the coming months, I will be populating this rather sparse windswept moor of a website with snippets of lore that I research and collect into this treasured scrapbook.

I welcome you to join me as we journey into a shared past of oral histories, standing stones, grey ladies, and forgotten rituals… in the land of Blackthorn & Stone.

Romany Reagan in Abney Park Cemetery
Romany Reagan, Blackbird Photography

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Folklore, legends, myths, and lost histories from the British Isles – collected by Dr Romany Reagan

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