2 thoughts on “Please fill out my short response survey!”

  1. Since I listened to the audio via my laptop at home in Pensacola, Florida, I don’t think I was meant to complete the survey. However, on my annual trips to London I tend to focus on history as well as the arts, so I was quite interested in story presented. The story was more personal than I had anticipated, but that gave even more interest. I think a first visitor to the cemetery might need additional general background, maybe the names of a few more notables who are there, before starting the fascinating in depth story of the Bostocks. Also, one tiny change would be when Mrs. Bostock says “…judge Frank and I…” which should of course be Frank and me. But you surely already know that.


    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for your feedback, as well as listening all the way from Florida! Yes, there is a grammatical error at the end of Susannah’s speech, however she was a travelling circus woman and therefore perhaps not the best with word choice, so at least it’s still in character. 😉



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